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Seth Godin: What To Do When Life Knocks You Down

26 August 2020

Seth Godin: What To Do When Life Knocks You Down

Feel devastated after a failure? Seth Godin has the perfect advice for when life knocks you down — and it will train you to think about failure, setbacks, and achievement completely differently.

Watch Marie Forleo‘s full interview with Seth here: https://youtu.be/AtfvZ_KOiZY

(credit: Marie Forleo/marieTV)

Seth Godin is an Author, Entrepreneur and Most of All, A teacher

Seth is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, and speaker. In addition to launching one of the most popular blogs in the world, he has written 19 best-selling books, including The Dip, Linchpin, Purple Cow, Tribes, and What To Do When It’s Your Turn (And It’s Always Your Turn). His most recent book, This is Marketing, was an instant bestseller in countries around the world.

Though renowned for his writing and speaking, Seth also founded two companies, Squidoo and Yoyodyne (acquired by Yahoo!).

By focusing on everything from effective marketing and leadership, to the spread of ideas and changing everything, Seth has been able to motivate and inspire countless people around the world.

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