Robert Kiyosaki: Only Those With An Abundance Mindset Will Come Out Of This Crisis Positioned To Thrive


Only those with an abundance mindset will come out of this crisis positioned to thrive.

– Robert Kiyosaki



Abundance vs. Scarcity: Which Mindset Do You Have?

In a hard time such as the one we’re facing with a global pandemic and a potentially long and painful recession, this battle between Amazon and Walmart provides an important lesson to learn for you and for me. The fundamental question you must ask is, in the face of fear will you be a person who sees abundance or will you see only scarcity? Will you find where you can advance or will you build your own version of a wall?

If you chose scarcity—and that is almost everyone’s default—you will never be truly successful. As I wrote a few years ago in a post called “The Two Views of Money”:

Rich dad connected what he saw as some of the causes of scarcity to the effect it has on people’s attitudes. The interesting thing was the very values that people thought would help them actually, and paradoxically, created scarcity in their life.

Rich dad would say:

  • The more security you need in your life the more scarcity there is in your life. That is why people pass up on opportunities to make their money work for them through investments and business. They are too afraid to take a risk.
  • The more competitive you are the more scarcity there is in your life. That is why people compete for jobs and promotions at work and compete for grades in school.

And today’s world makes it even harder not to crave security and look at everyone as a competitor.

Rich dad’s words and wisdom ring true today for you and me, as they did for Walmart and other companies like them. The drive for security and the misdirected competitive spirit will only serve to make you lose ground, not expand your business and your wealth.

But if you have a mindset of abundance vs. scarcity, you will see opportunity in this crisis that others will miss. The amazing thing is it will not seem risky to move on the opportunities once you see them. In fact, it will seem risky not too. And because you see opportunity wherever you look, you won’t be afraid of competition. Rather, you’ll invite people to come along with you.

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