Pasta Can Help Lower Your Weight

Pasta Can Help Lower Your Weight

(Wealth In Wellness) In what sure is to be a shocker to the no-carb crowd, a new study by the Neuromed Institute of Pozzill shows that pasta eaten in moderation is associated with a lower body-mass index, waist and hip circumference, and waist-to-hip ratio. The study recommended deriving 10 percent of your daily calories from pasta.

Licia Iacoviello, who heads the Laboratory of Molecular and Nutritional Epidemiology at Neuromed, said in an interview:

Pasta should be considered as ‘good carbs,’ if consumed in moderation.

The study was done over 5 years with 23,000 participants in Italy.

Our comparative analysis of data from two different Mediterranean populations supports that pasta intake is negatively associated with both indexes of obesity status and prevalence of overweight and obesity.

Some of the differences between the Mediterranean diet and American diet are portion sizes and types of pasta used. A whole-wheat pasta tends to make one feel fuller, and so consumption goes down.

The study is available in the Nutrition and Diabetes journal.




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