1 Hour Of Running Can Add 7 Hours To Your Life

1 Hour Of Running Can Add 7 Hours To Your Life

1 Hour Of Running Can Add 7 Hours To Your Life

(Wealth In Wellness) A new study reveals that for every one hour you run, you extend your life by seven hours.

It doesn’t matter how fast or far you run researchers say in a new study published by the Progress in Cardiovascular Disease.

At whatever pace or distance, a person’s risk of premature death dropped by 40%. This includes controlling for risk behavior such as smoking, alcohol consumption, or a history of obesity.

The cap on the health benefits of running in the study are about 4 hours. Running more doesn’t increase or decrease increased longevity.

While time is consumed by running the study shows there is a net gain in life expectancy.

The amount ran by the average participant over 40 years was six months, but it could increase their life expectancy by three years.

Other forms of exercise also reduce the risk of premature death, but not as much.  Biking, walking, cycling only decrease the risk of premature death 12%.

Three years prior, the same team conducted a study on 55,000 adults and determined that just seven minutes of running a day cuts the risk of dying from heart disease.

It’s not clear why running is uniquely effective in preventing premature death, but study researcher Dr. Lee says that running helps increase aerobic fitness. High aerobic fitness is one of the best known indicators of long-term health.

It’s believed that the healthy lifestyle associated with running helps contribute to life longevity.



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